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(1st part extracted from: "Stammbaum der Familie Bernbeck"
A family bible with genealogical biographical overview of the family Bernbeck
edited by Franz Wahl
Grand ducal district court judge in Schlitz

2nd part after: "Stammbaum der Familie Bernbeck" (2nd edition)
A family bible with genealogical biographical overview of the family Bernbeck
edited by Franz Wahl

3rd part after: Korrespondenzblatt der Familie Bernbeck)

State of knowledge 1896

The meaning of the Names " Bernbeck " is vague. (tests to the interpretation of the name have been made died as parish priest to feigning home 1825), of Karl Bernbeck (gest of Johann Daniel Bernbeck. 1864 pour) and of Dr. Karl Leimbach (at that time provincial Schulrath in Breslau as Alterthumsforscher.) After this the following 6 interpretations come into consideration:

  1. interpretation left Joh for " bear pelvis for ", from for bear and pelvis; after this to himself very simple. (Daniel Bernbeck Wirberg makes seal, a bear keeps a pelvis on which one with a front paw feigning home for himself or late) for one. (comparisons the coats of arms of Berlin, Berne, Berne castle).
  2. "Bärenbec" = bear muzzle; bec is called mouth of the birds also pecking beak i.e. the sharp, pointed namely.
  3. "beaver creek", i.e. the creek at which the beaver stays North German Beverbeck. creek (therefore also name, early Beuerbecke, Beverbecke, Bernbecke, Bieberbecke), = beke in the Hessian, = beck in the North German; .
  4. bear = bêro (ursus) and creek " bear creek, ", from.
  5. "Berenbach", from Ber and creek Eberbach =; ber = bêr = in cash Anglo-Saxon in Old High German = boar English, i.e. for porcus for breeding boar.
  6. (from Ber boar (like in Berno and Bernhard) and beken =, " Ber (n) pelvis " bake English) for and bacon = ham, leg, boar leg so that Bernbeck would be so much as boar ham.

The interpretations and 2 and 5 stem from Karl Bernbeck this one under 1 of the father Joh. Daniel Bernbeck and this one under 6 from Karl Leimbach. This goes sharply with the declarations about 1, 2 and 5 to the court. He rejects the thought, to 1 the bear be wash it to the music or to which, give into the paw; a pelvis he finds fault with the equality of beak (bec) muzzle; cannot one about a beak of the bear talk to 2. He regards 5 as unthinkable to, that one creek after a tame boar (porcus) named become; the name of ber (snowlessly) however doesn't befit the wild boar. He it seems dubious to him to take the bear to connection with the water; to 4 regards this interpretation as permitted after all particularly since the bear has crept also in Göthe Reineke fox into the water. Also this one sooner still wants to get used to the 3rd interpretation K. Bernbecks (beaver creek) K. glue creek since the beaver lives in the water and the name Beverbeck is identical with beaver creek spelling happens Bernbeke for Beverbeck. K. glue creek which by the way appreciates K. Bernbecks praising very healthy etymological views most talks the word Bernbeck = Ber (n) beken meant so much after what as boar ham, boar leg, the 6th solutions given by him. Uebrigen for the essays of these two scholars in the family on the here management of the name Bernbeck particularly interessirt, this are whom in the Corr the bezüglichen essays for himself in this. Sheet of 1876 S. 79 and S. 83 urgently recommended.

An incontestable solution of this question won't be possible at the lack of historical tradition regarding the origin of the ancestors. (it should be right, that the family Bernbeck dates from The Netherlands like Karl Bernbeck, handed down, and that one of the Urahnen makes use of a boar spear to his safety and foot at his annual walks to Holland Eberbach has, this then would be a reason leg more boar = Bernbeck of Ber and = beke or beck creek for the derivation of the name i.e. or of Ber (boar) and beken Engl. bake, ham) = boar ham, boar leg. At this, however, the following considerable Thatsache may not be disregarded. Too highest on the center cure, that in the archives a.d. Nidder one Bernbeck ' shear coat of arms bezw. the drawing of one is kept, the author of this work to the royal herald velvet turned in Berlin and under center cure of a sketch asked for nearer information such. The message gave one for " of this authority, that for the presented coat of arms, shown in sieve doer's coat of arms book III 127 No on March 10th, 1896. 8, V 251 No. 2 and V 275 No. How 1 seem originally civil sex named Bernbeck in the towns of Rothenburg o.d. deaf and Windsheim one belongs, might be woselbst to make further investigations. of this it is " for this that this sex has been, assumed like one, at the Niederrhein angesessen royal. Office confessed nothing for herald. An answer isn't to bezügliche enquiry, had influence on the center cure against this from Windsheim, that the name Bernbeck since 1801 has happened no more there from Rothenburg at all. From this as well as from the note mentioned above follows in Jöchers scholar lexicon that the name Bernbeck has represented to beginning of 16. and until beginning of the 19th century into average francs already although a connection of this sex is hardly provable not proved, also well with the ours been, the coat of arms already may us out for etymological points of view not quite unimportantly so anyway be. This sex coat of arms which has at the helmet 1 in which shows upright stationary bear heads to signpost 3 assumed as talking coat of arms that the leaders of the same have derived her name Bernbeck from the bear anyway. Admittedly at this the age of the coat of arms also would be considered, is known about which not details. Joh if. Daniel Bernbeck showing bears which holds a pelvis with the front paw had seal to produce one and to unite on this for itself, this has nones of heraldic Werth seal at all events so the cities of Berlin, Berne, Berne castle etc. is certain, that happened only therefore this, because also especially. Bears in her coat of arms would drive.

State of knowledge 1921:

The last name Bernbeck also has become in our family bible to a stationary category. Different family members have tried to discover the meaning of the name. Six different interpretations are in the 1st edition of the pedigree mentioned and discussed: (2nd " Bärenbek " = 3rd " beaver creek " (from beaver and creek) from), (from), bear muzzle for bear and pelvis for bear and creek 1st " bear pelvis " 5th " Berenbach = Eberbach (from Ber and creek) and 6th " Ber (n) pelvis = " for boar leg 4th " bear creek ".

A friend of the family, Prof. Dr. Röschen-Laubach, has looked after the thing in the meantime. He regards another interpretation as simple and casual by the fact that he goes out that so that for the favorite brand, the company plaque has been the starting point for the formation of the word, nothing else means " for Bernbeck as " bears baker, i.e. for the baker with the bear in the signpost. Cousin Karl Bernbeck comes lecture on " held in his on the family day 1912 to the same result (pour) for the emergence for the name for Bernbeck and the present stand for the genealogy for ". He proves, that after the family description of Erhard kept in the Rothenburger archives which was already mentioned in the I. ribbon of the pedigree a Heinrich " Beck " which lived at 1350 enlarged his name in " Bernbeck " or, how it is called literal there: " Beck nunc Bernbeck ". Beck is the Upper German word for bakers and still is in the dialect there now commonly. It is informed about here that a Bernbeck of the honoring seeds has listened to guild of the master bakers and stocked a bear to the distinction of the other bakers who mentioned himself Beck in the house signpost.

This interpretation of the name would have much for herself, if a connection between our family and the Berne pelvises was proved in Bavaria. However, this is not at all the case. Karl Bernbecks observations immediately have this one to do in the field of the genealogy extremely extremely active and experienced cousin sneeze on the plan called, this one in the article, August: to the history of the family Bernbeck " " contributions offer the proof of this, that after what the Bernbecke shall more rightly date from the Niederrhein from The Netherlands or well by the hand to wise isn't the old tradition. It has him managed to state that been the oldest provable progenitor of the family " Diderich Bernbeck " abbot in the duty Hattingen, county Arnsberg, and that he is born in said place by the year 1614. This arises from the contents of the Gießener Kopulationsprotokolls after what Johann Henrich Bernbeck " son of Dietrich Bernbeck, abbot in the duty Hattingen " at which January 11th, 1688 married the Anna Gertraud Loos. Also in the Kopulationsprotokoll of Hattingen a Peter Bernbeck as " of the abbot Diderich Berne becomes more maritally pelvis " son describes. It may be assumed that our ore father Diderich Bernbeck neither is born in pouring nor has lived per there and that ancestor Johann Henrich Bernbeck been residently pouring the first is pulled tight and born there from Hattingen at the Niederrhein after this. In also the over the photo of the Joh. Henrich Bernbeck as citizen into pouring taken document of June 18th, 1688 is the place given Hattingen or Hatting clearly. August sneeze after also seems the origin of the name Bernbeck no longer doubtful. After his researches the ending " beck " very frequently happens written to variants in front of and but with the same as when Bernbeck in Hattingen and surroundings to last names: " beck " -- , -- " pelvis ", --" in the Beck ", --" from the Beck ". The " beck " means here everywhere as much as " creek " and has nothing with the Süddeutsche -- beck = Becker = do bakers. The prefix Ber (Beren, berries, Behren), believes August sneeze be supposed to put down " to " beavers in agreement with Karl Bernbeck senior, the " uncle new city dweller of ", so that Bernbeck = point out a creek Beverbeck to wprde in which beavers happen. This interpretation cannot be shaken either by the fact that the family arms shows bears. This coat of arms dates only from the end of the 18th century and without heraldic value is.

Modern state of knowledge:

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