The named giver
of our family association
Johann Daniel Bernbeck,
and his wife
Charlotte nee Schneider

Johann Daniel Bernbeck was born in Giessen on Nov. 12, 1757 and baptized there 2 days later. On the Gleiberg, where he was a parish priest, he married - on Jan. 17, 1786 - Charlotte Schneider, born on April 28, 1767 in Krofdorf as daughter of the British Capitain of the Royal Infantry George Schneider and his wife Caroline nee Lesch von Mülheim. The Lesch von Mülheim were a noble family which could trace its beginnings to the late 1200th. To them we owe our descent from many ruling houses of the early and middle Middle Ages.

Altogether, 13 children were born to this couple, among which 3 already died in their early or middle childhoods. Three sons remained single. Of them, Wilhelm Bernbeck, emigrated already 1831 to the USA where he died in Texas in 1837.

After the married children the Bernbeck Family is divided into 7 main tribes, which are numbered A - G. Later descendants then get a number appended according to the so-called modified Henry system).

Johann Daniel died at his home in Heuchelheim on July 1, 1825, to where he had transferred, upon his own request, as parish priest; he was also buried there. Afterwards, his widow Charlotte moved into the so-called "free house" on the Gleiberg where she died on Febr. 1, 1829 and was buried 2 days later.

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